Complete Guide: Insulating Your Sprinter Van with Sound Assassin for Ultimate Comfort and Silence

camper van conversion with sound damping insulation
Enhancing Comfort in Your Camper Van: Insulating a Sprinter Van with Sound Assassin

Enhancing Comfort in Your Camper Van: Insulating a Sprinter Van with Sound Assassin

Sprinter vans have gained immense popularity, not just for commercial use, but also as versatile vehicles for camping, overlanding, and DIY camper van conversions. To enhance the comfort and coziness of your camper van experience, proper insulation is key. Using Sound Assassin products for insulating your Sprinter van can significantly improve thermal efficiency, reduce noise, and provide a more enjoyable journey on the road.

Why Insulate Your Sprinter Van?

Insulating your Sprinter van is crucial for various reasons, especially if you're converting it into a camper van:

1. Temperature Regulation

Insulation helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your camper van, regardless of the weather outside. During colder months, it retains warmth, and in hotter months, it keeps the interior cool.

2. Noise Reduction

Sprinter vans can often be noisy due to the road, wind, or other external factors. Sound Assassin insulation helps reduce these noises, providing a quieter and more peaceful living space in your camper van.

How to Insulate Your Sprinter Van with Sound Assassin

Insulating your Sprinter van with Sound Assassin products is a straightforward process that delivers exceptional results. Follow these steps to ensure an effective insulation:

1. Preparation

Begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying the interior of your Sprinter van. Remove any dust, dirt, or moisture as they can affect the adhesion of the insulation material.

2. Measure to Choose the Right Sound Assassin Kit

Before you start insulating, measuring the areas of your Sprinter van that you intend to insulate is crucial. This step will help you determine the square footage you need, allowing you to choose the appropriate Sound Assassin insulation kit for a precise fit and optimal insulation. Here's how you can measure the square footage:

Floor: Measure the length and width of the floor of your van. If you measure in inches, multiply the length and width, and then divide by 144 (the number of square inches in a square foot) to calculate the square footage of the floor.

Doors: Measure the height and width of each door that you plan to insulate. If you measure in inches, multiply the height and width of each door and then divide by 144. Sum up the individual door measurements to find the total square footage of the doors.

Trunk and Roof: Measure the areas of the trunk and roof where you intend to apply the insulation. Multiply the length and width of these areas separately. If you measure in inches, divide each area by 144. Sum these up to determine the total square footage of the trunk and roof.

Once you have the individual square footages for the floor, doors, trunk, and roof, add them up to get the total square footage you need for your Sound Assassin insulation. This accurate measurement will guide you in selecting the right Sound Assassin kit for your Sprinter van, ensuring a successful insulation process.

3. Dry Fit the Sound Assassin

Prior to installation, perform a "dry fit" of the Sound Assassin insulation. Lay the material in the desired areas to get an idea of where it will go and how it will fit. This helps you plan the installation process more effectively.

4. Apply Sound Assassin Insulation

Start with the floor, adhering the Sound Assassin mats to ensure effective sound damping and thermal insulation. Continue by applying the mats to the doors, sides and roof, focusing on high-noise areas to create a serene environment.

Note: Use scissors or a utility knife to easily cut the Sound Assassin into the areas for a precise fit during installation. The Sound Assassin material is peel and stick, and using a heavy duty roller ensures it adheres firmly.

Final Thoughts

Insulating your Sprinter van with Sound Assassin products is a smart investment, enhancing your camper van experience in more ways than one. Enjoy a cozy and peaceful journey with improved temperature regulation and noise reduction, making your camper van a true home on wheels.

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